Safecare Vaginal pH Tests 10 Pcs



Test for the examination of vaginal pH. Detects infections such as vaginitis, for their timely treatment. Particularly useful during pregnancy or for shielding female fertility.

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Vaginal pH testing is a useful tool, for all women and even more for those who want to get pregnant or are already pregnant. With a frequent examination of the vaginal pH, possible infection and development of pathogens can be detected from its early stages, preventing serious effects on the fertility or pregnancy of every woman.

Bacterial vaginosis is diagnosed in about 15-20% of all pregnant women. With the help of regular self-testing of the vaginal pH level, pregnant women can decrease the risk of infection. Measuring vaginal pH is a safe method of preventing premature birth due to infection.

The Safecare Vaginal pH Test:

-It offers a reliable and easy examination of the vaginal pH, at the convenience of your home.

-It is fast, the results are visible immediately, without waiting time.

-Gives the possibility of self-examination of the vaginal flora and control for the development of bacterial infections, useful to all women and especially to those who are trying to achieve pregnancy.

-For vaginal health during pregnancy and reduction of the chances of premature birth.

-For prenatal control.

How it works: Vaginal pH tests consist of special sticks that have a colored stripe on them, when gently placing it at the entrance of the vagina and taking a sample of vaginal mucus, it will be colored properly to show us if the pH of the vagina is normal.

Recommended frequency of use: Vaginal pH tests are used preemptively once a month for women who want to have children and twice a month for pregnant women.

All Safecare vaginal pH tests are individually packaged in foil pouch.

Made according to European Union, approved quality audits and certification standards.

The package includes detailed instructions for use in Greek.

Package 10 tests.

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