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Confidentiality and Security

Due to the operating structure of the online store it is necessary for the user to disclose some personal information (Name, Address, Email, Phone Number), which will allow us to ship his/her order. Any collection and processing of personal data will be carried out in a lawful and legal manner, pursuant to Law 2472/1997 “on the Protection of the Individual from the Processing of Personal Data”, the decisions and regulations of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Mother2be solemnly states that any collection and processing of personal data will be carried out solely for purposes that are directly linked to the handling of orders placed through our website, and only for that purpose. The data will not be transmitted or disclosed to third parties, unless required by Law and/or the competent Authorities.  

For orders through our website, mother2be uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure the protection of your personal data. This protocol encrypts your information and is one of the best software in the world for secure transactions. 


Mother2be reserves the right to change the content of the Website (such as prices, availability, photos, descriptions, etc.) at any time without prior notice. These changes become effective as of their publication on the Internet.

Mother2be is the sole and exclusive copyright holder of all content published on its web pages.

Mother2be uses photos and descriptions of third parties from products and registered trademarks to facilitate users in finding products. This material is the intellectual property of these companies.

Mother2be expressly prohibits the reproduction, copying, transfer and use of all or part of the content of its web sites without prior written permission. This act is subject to criminal prosecution under applicable copyright laws.

Mother2be it is not responsible for any typographical errors in prices, features or photos and reserves the right to change prices without prior notice and in any case applies the price stated at the time of ordering. Users (Customers) are solely responsible for evaluating and selecting the products and services offered by the website. Mother2be bears no responsibility for the correctness of users' choices.

Liability Disclaimer

Mother2be discloses that the goods are shipped on behalf of the customer and at his/her responsibility.

Mother2be it is not responsible for defects or poor quality of third-party products available to its customers, because the goods are received by their suppliers in sealed boxes. Contact a Mother2be representative for a defective or problematic product and you will be immediately served.

Mother2be may not guarantee the availability of the products featured on the online store. If one of the ordered products is not available anymore, the customer shall be notified as soon as possible.

The contents of this web site are purely informative and come from internationally recognised organisations and reputable sources. The information contained herein should not replace your doctor's advice or guidance. For any health problems, you should consult your doctor, who is most competent to give you treatment or advice on your case. In addition, do not take medication or receive treatment without your doctor's advice, or modify the treatment that is given without informing him/her.

Mother2be is not responsible for any errors or omissions or any problems that may occur with respect to the information contained on these web sites. The information given here is not, cannot and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment.

Visiting this site requires the express acceptance of the above terms.

The user is compelled to read the Terms of Use before registering at the online store Mother2be. The user accepts unconditionally the Terms of Use as these are in effect, every time he/she uses the services of the online store Mother2be. The online store Mother2be maintains the right of unilateral modification of the Terms of Use, without previous notification to the user, other than through publication in this corresponding web page. In order for someone to become a user of the online store Mother2be, he/she has to click on “Create Account” and follow the procedure. 

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