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Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor + Refill Tests 24 pcs.


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Bundle offer including Clearblue Fertility Monitor, along with 24 Refill Tests, at a more affordable price.

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Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Monitor, is the most sophisticated product for the detection of fertile days and pregnancy, all on the same device. Provenly increases the chances of conception by 89%

The bundle includes:

Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Monitor with Touch Screen:  It is an electronic device, which receives both ovulation and pregnancy tests (when the test sticks are finished you buy only the spare parts). It tells you when to have a test done and records all data for the past six months. It shows your daily fertility level (low, high, peak) by accurately detecting the levels of two key fertility hormones (luteinizing hormone and estrogen), while simple ovulation tests determine only two fertile days in each menstrual cycle, the Clearblue Advanced Monitor typically identifies four fertile days (that is, the three days before ovulation and the day of ovulation). If you have a sexual contact with your partner during these days, your chances of getting pregnant are almost double.

Clearblue Sticks for the Advanced Ovulation Monitor (24 pieces): Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Sticks for use with the Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Monitor. Includes 24 test sticks: 20 ovulation and 4 pregnancy test sticks.

*Note: Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Monitor is suitable for women with a menstrual cycle of 21 to 42 days.

Detailed instructions for use are included in the package.

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