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Sasmar Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant 8 * 4gr Pre-Filled Applicators



The only one that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions, which support the conception process. It increases sexual pleasure and reduces vaginal dryness. With 8 practical applicators.

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Sasmar Conceive Plus® is a specially designed fertility lubricant, that can help you on your conception journey, as it is clinically tested to support the viability of male sperm.

Conceive Plus® Fertility Lubricant:

-It has a clinically tested composition, safe for sperm.

-It has a balanced PH, same as that of the female vagina.

-Supports sperm viability.

-Increases sexual pleasure.

- It fights the dryness of the vagina.

-It is the only patented composition of Calcium and Magnesium Ions, that support the fertility process.

How do calcium and magnesium ions help?

Conceive Plus® is the only fertility lubricant that contains calcium and magnesium ions. These ions are essential for the viability of cells in our body and are essential for the fertilization process. There are many published studies that show their importance.

Combats vaginal dryness:

More than 70% of women experience vaginal dryness when trying for pregnancy, which can adversely affect the couple's sex life. Conceive Plus® is the best lubricant to reduce vaginal dryness and help your chances of getting pregnant.

How are fertility lubricants different from regular lubricants?

Normal lubricants have been shown to have a negative effect on the fertilization process, as they can damage sperm and / or reduce sperm motility, so they should be avoided when trying to get pregnant.

Conceive Plus® maintains sperm motility, as its special composition helps to create a fertile environment.

Can be used by ALL couples trying to get pregnant.

Instructions for Use: With gentle movements, insert the tip of the Conceive Plus® applicator, deep into the vagina and push the tube 2-3 times. Remove the applicator while pressing the tube. For single use. It is recommended to apply 15 ' before sexual intercourse. Safe for daily use.

Packaging: 8 pre-filled applicators of 4gr, ready for use.

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