Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor



Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor, is the most advanced product for detecting both fertile days and pregnancy, all in the same device. Provenly increases the chances of conception by 89%.

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The package includes Clearblue's Advanced Fertility Monitor. The Refill Sticks, are sold separately.

The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor with touch screen, is the most innovative and effective method of finding your fertile days, it was created for modern women and combines technology with practicality. It is an electronic device, that accepts ovulation and pregnancy tests (when the sticks are over, you only buy their spare parts). It tells you when to do the tests and keeps all the data for the past 6 months.

The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor:

-It shows your daily fertility level (low, high, or maximum) by accurately detecting the levels of 2 key fertility hormones (LH and estrogen). While all the other ovulation tests only determine 2 fertile days in each cycle, Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor, typically identifies 4 fertile days (that is, the 3 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation). If you have intercourse with your partner these days, you have a higher chance of pregnancy.

 -It almost doubles the chances of conception. In one study, women who used the monitor were 89% more likely to conceive, than those who did not.

 -Easy to use touch screen. The touch screen tells you which days you should use the urine stick and has the ability to set an alarm. The monitor diary also allows you to record when you have a period and when you have had contact with your partner.

- Gathers and displays information, for your last 6 cycles, which are displayed either in a monthly calendar or a 6-month chart. With this unique cycle review, you can check your fertility and compare month by month.

 - Do a pregnancy test on the same device. The new Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor, lets you also have pregnancy tests. You can do the test even 3 days before your expected period. The monitor will calculate itself on the right day, so you can find out as soon as possible if you have conceived.

- Over 99% accurate.

-Shows results in just 5 minutes.

* Note: The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor, is suitable for women with a menstrual cycle of 21 to 42 days.

The package includes the monitor, 2 alkaline batteries and detailed instructions for use. The Refill Sticks, are sold separately.

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