One Step Τεστ Εγκυμοσύνης Ταινίες 5 Τεμ.
  • One Step Τεστ Εγκυμοσύνης Ταινίες 5 Τεμ.

One Step Digital Thermometer With Two Decimal Places



Ideal for finding ovulation, as it has a precision of two decimal places and high precision. Includes a basal body temperature chart.

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One Step Digital Thermometer has high professional precision, shows results using two decimal places and includes a basal body temperature chart, so you can track your ovulation.

High precision thermometers are used to determine when ovulation occurred, by tracking the drop in basal body temperature immediately before ovulation and the increase from 0.40-1 ° C immediately after. By recording this variation in your body temperature, you will know when you have ovulated.

One Step Digital Thermometer:

-It has a decimal accuracy of 2 decimal places and not 1 - like most digital thermometers- so its ideally suited, for the precise measurement needed to record basal body temperature and track ovulation.

-It has highly professional precision +/- 0.1 ºC.

-It has fast measurement, in just 60 seconds, comfortable temperature reading with clear display and its easy to use.

-With a memory monitoring, automatic shutdown for battery saving, battery change indicator on display, and an audible signal when the temperature measurement is completed.

-Waterproof and long life.

-It is 3 in 1, for oral, axillary or anal use.

Package Includes: One Step Digital Thermometer with Special Storage Case, Detailed Operating Instructions, Batteries and Basal body temperature chart, so you can track your ovulation.

Detailed instructions for use are included in the package.

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